A beacon in the midst of darkness.


Mwanga means light in Swahili... When Mwanga Ministries was birthed, there was a shared objective which continues to be the driving force and glue of our mission; to serve children whose only language is pain and struggle. To provide holistic healing and empowerment. To be the advantage for children at a disadvantage; a beacon in the midst of darkness. To be light.

This is why we're here.


Mwanga Ministries is the cornerstone of The Mwanga Movement, a cooperative campaign that currently includes a safari company, apparel & accessory brand, and art & craft business. We are an NGO operating as a social enterprise. Though we operate in many areas, including Rombo, Soweto, Boma, and even Karatu, our home is Moshi town, Kilimanjaro region.

We appreciate your time and interest in getting to know us. As you browse, please note that our website and organization is still under construction, we apologize in advance for any errors or miscommunication. We also welcome your feedback, so if you want to know more, or have any suggestions on how we may be able to improve, please contact us!

Asante sana,

The Mwanga Family


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